Why do we love bamboo?

Hi and Welcome to A TOUCH OF BAMBOO,

We love BAMBOO! It’s the type of material that once you have felt its beauty, you will seek it out. It really has to be felt to be believed, but we know that with one touch you will fall in love with Bamboo too.

As a plant, bamboo is a fantastic eco-friendly crop. It uses less water than other traditional textile crops, requires no fertilisers, no pesticides, and less land area to grow equivalent volumes. Added to which is can regenerate itself within a year from the cut shoots. It provides a source of income for rural cultures in Asia, often supporting the lower income streams of women and children in the villages.

As a fabric, bamboo exceeds all expectation, producing a beautifully luxuriously silky soft fabric that drapes in a similar fashion to that of traditional silk. Often referred to as the “poor man’s silk” it has been adopted as a green alternative by many high end fashion icons in recent years. Green is becoming the “new black” on the cat walk and the street – with a rise in interest for sustainable, fair trade, organic and modern styles.

Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent making it incredibly useful for a wide array of uses from personal clothing and Manchester to medical and personal hygiene products. Bamboo is also a good regulator of temperature and a new study by researchers at Deakin University in Australia have proved that bamboo fabric has potent UV blocking properties. Read more at http://www.deakin.edu.au/research/stories/2010/11/22/bamboo-clothes-reduce-the-risk-of-skin-cancersblocks. Bamboo is a great fabric for all weather conditions and is particularly suited for active wear & outdoor pursuits.

Bamboo fabric has also been proposed as an ideal alternative for those with medical conditions related to circulatory issues and temperature control problems. The soft and flexible properties of bamboo fabric mean that sock design can incorporate a “loose fit” that aids circulation. The bamboo plant’s “kun” is also known to possess antimicrobial properties. Whether this is maintained in the fabric after manufacturing remains to be determined. Bamboo is an interesting ancient textile that is proving useful for modern life thanks to the shift face of modern research, technology and design. As the demand for bamboo continues to rise, the future of bamboo production will be pushed forward into a new era of sustainable manufacturing processes that aim to make the whole process of bamboo fabric production a sustainable, economical and eco-friendly one. This makes for very exciting times!

Modern designs, stylish, comfortable and colourful new pieces are already emerging from the face of fashion houses all over the world. We’re excited to show case several local Australian brands who have designed their own bamboo clothing and manchester ranges (Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing and Ettitude) and we will also be retailing popular and unique bamboo designers from Canada, America and Asia in the near future.

We hope you get to experience the luxury and eco-friendly beauty that only bamboo can bring, and thank you for making the environmentally conscious choice of choosing bamboo products for your home and lifestyle. Now is the perfect time to add A TOUCH OF BAMBOO to your life.

If you’re a designer or company who stocks unique, modern and beautiful clothing, home lifestyle products or manchester and would like to showcase them in our shop, please contact our team directly at atouchofbamboo@gmail.com. We’re always interested in hearing about new bamboo brands and designs.


Linda and the Team @ A TOUCH OF BAMBOO